Presenting: Couture Illustrated – A New Collection by Ayal Armon


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There is a drawn line that separates fashion from illustration – and yet, the two combine into fashion illustration to suggest a silhouette, texture or mood, sometimes with merely a single line. That’s the focus of Ayal Armon’s new debut … Continue reading

Celebration: Tommydoll in What’s Happening Magazine!


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Big Thanks to Frank Garcia and Pedro Aguas at What’s Happening Magazine for the opportunity to show my work…it’s really cool to get recognition outside the doll community, considering non-doll people are so afraid of Annabelle, Chucky and the lot…morons. … Continue reading



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Okay, so I haven’t posted anything for a while – and this dress is the culprit. I’d forgotten the tumultuous love/hate relationship I had with silk charmeuse. After rummaging through my bins looking for inspiration, I was so taken by … Continue reading



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You know, it’s been a damn long time since I sewed for Barbie…too long. Despite my library of Barbie clothes not being large – I have to admit, there exists a certain charm in making clothes for the world’s most … Continue reading

Tuxedos Are For Waiters…


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This is the story of a doll dress, a white bow, and a pink eye… It’s a long drama about making a doll dress, so if you’re not into that – just look at the photos and read their captions … Continue reading

What Not To Say To A Doll Collector…


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I just love all these lists that run about the internet telling us what not to say to each other. They are generally sanctimonious at best – but they do impart one general message – respect and tolerance for one … Continue reading

Souvenirs at BarbieCon


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Of course, it wouldn’t be doll convention without the loot, right? As an added advantage at our particular table, we were also gifted by tablemates with the coolest Barbie accessories for your iPhone, iPad and a wallet/organizer, Barbie Scarf and rhinestone … Continue reading