Artist Creations at BarbieCon


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I’ll let the pics speak for themselves…Artist Creations, the 2014 Barbie National Convention Souvenir Designer – these are dolls from their preview. Remember, it’s 1:6 scale, folks… These guys look like Mafioso…but they are really just big ol’ teddy bears…

The Top 25 Things That Changed Dolls…


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The idea for this post came to me during the course of a few previous posts – the thought that dolls have changed over the centuries, and even more dramatically in modern times. But what caused those changes? I sat … Continue reading

‘Cause in Vienna…We Were Poetry…


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I’ll keep this one to a minimum text-wise (you’re welcome)…because the images speak louder than words. As with inspirations here and here…this gown reflects a mood inspired by a city of splendor. Hand-beaded net sparkles over silk tissue taffeta, shirred … Continue reading

How To Host The Perfect Doll Event…Really.


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For many doll makers, the doll convention represents something that is equal to, or even more important than, the release of its primary collections. And since new doll collections have mutated into a non-event for the collector as makers scatter … Continue reading

Celebration: Sharon Wright


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Great photography always generates an emotional response – and when the photographer has the right ‘eye’ for styling, then the magic is complete. Celebrating the fashion doll photography of Sharon Wright, accomplished as a shudder snapper in her own right … Continue reading

Frankly My Dear, I Do Give A Damn…


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I’ve been a Gone With The Wind fan since I first saw the film in 1982 – since then, I’ve seen the film countless times (even have much of it memorized), I’ve read the book several times, and I have … Continue reading