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Current Tommydoll Couture Commissions are now SOLD OUT – If you would like to get on my Wait List (no deposit is required to be added to Wait List) – please read this page fully, ask questions if you don’t understand any part, and use the contact form below to let me know you would like to be added to the wait list – I will contact you should a spot become available, at which time, a $100 deposit will be required to begin your commission. Those joining the Wait List will have priority consideration in the next round of commissions. Thank you again to everyone who contacted me, and to those that wait patiently on the Wait List!!!

Many of you have asked, and I am damn grateful for that – Time to start working on your ideas and thoughts culminating into couture and excessive frippery. Here’s how it works (READ THIS FULLY – ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANY PART):

Contact me using the contact form below, expressing your desire for a Tommydoll Commission.

Upon notification that your commission spot is ready to commence, completion is determined by complexity of the project, and another commission may begin during the period in which your item has begun. I work intermittently on various projects, so don’t think work on one is delaying your project, despite your placement in the schedule.

Upon completion of your project, the final balance (to be mutually agreed before work begins) will be due. Shipping and insurance will be included in the commission price, less your $100 deposit.


I am not strongest when asked to re-create an existing designknow this. I’m happy to entertain your ideas, but I would rather you ask me to do something original, inspired or interpreted on an existing design rather than simply copying it. There are much better technical sewers out there who do this very well.

The price includes fabric and materials from my own stock. You may provide fabric, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the commission price will be decreased – commissions are all about time and the impact on my ability to make anything else – so it does come with a premium. In cases where special fabrics must be acquired, this cost would be added to the commission price as supported by proofs of purchase.

I share my works-in-progress on Facebook & Instagram, but I do not specifically identify the customer (my readers like to see progress, and I am happy to oblige). I am open to considering secret projects with no publication of progress images, but I reserve the right to photograph and share the final project after it is completed, and as often as I like.

I will send you progress images so you can see your creation built from the ground up – you may share these if you wish. Designs may evolve during the course of construction, and any instance of significant change (I am the one making it, so I am the one who determines if a change is significant) will be subject to your approval before proceeding.

Tommydoll reserves the right, at any time or reason, to discontinue your project, and a full refund of your deposit will be promptly returned to you.

If you are not satisfied with your final project, you may return the item(s) for a complete refund (less your non-refundable deposit) within 72 hours of receipt, unless otherwise mutually agreed. Understand that I will probably offer it for sale to another. Any returned items must be sent back in its original state and packaging, complete with all items to secure your refund…so you may want to make a good note of that when opening the item and discarding anything from the box.

No two commissions are alike – and each will carry a unique price point that would start at $200 and go up from there (this includes your deposit) – please do not ask me to do work if you are looking for a bargain – you won’t get it here. But what you will get is impeccable attention to miniature detail, and a beautiful couture piece to add to your collection.

Please understand that excessive embellishments such as embroidery and/or beading take time – they will affect the price of your commission.

There are couture techniques with which I am unfamiliar, or not best skilled (yeah, it’s true), and although I am open to learn – there are some that I just won’t undertake because they are just too much for my sausage fingers and 50+ year-old baby blue eyes to endure. After all, you want your project done this year, right?

I do not do repaints, but can recommend any of many talented individual who can work with you on doll face, hair and body revisions subject to their terms and separate prices – I’ll make the recommendation, but that is my total involvement in referrals.

I do not sell dolls. If you have a specific doll in mind to wear the resulting item, then you may need to send me such doll to use for fitting – unless I can accommodate it from other doll bodies I have in my possession.

I do not make shoes. I have resources for simple shoe styles, but specific designs are not something I can accomplish. My jewelry making skills are limited, but I’m open to hearing your thoughts on requesting such items.

Nothing is perfect. I believe I do fine work, but you may not – just send it back for a refund if that is the case – end of discussion. It is likely there will be a little drop of blood somewhere in the seams…and I make no apologies for that.

All items will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. And of course, they will be documented on Tommydoll for all to see. I don’t do labels – it’s just one extra thing to sew into the garment. Consider the drop of blood my ‘mark’. There will be no mistake as to who made it.

I do not deal with psychopaths. This may be a buzz kill for some of you (and an awfully pretentious thing to say), but you know who you are…and I don’t stand for that shit in any way, shape or form. You’ll find that $100 deposit returned so fast it will make your head spin – don’t fuck with me, OK?

And…for the purposes of my sanity – do not nag me. I am not chained to my Viking. I have a full-time job now. I will do my very best to give you an estimate of when your commission will be completed, and I will stay true to that schedule to the best of my ability – but nagging ain’t going to make the sewing go faster. That, and I have a damn low tolerance for being nagged…

Please do not send me a photo of a doll outfit and ask me to make you a copy. I’m open to inspiration – but I won’t copy another artist’s or manufacturer’s work like that.

Any and ALL terms cited on this page are subject to change at any time for any reason by me, and me alone. I’m not going to be held to anyone’s narrow interpretation of contract law – you ask me to do a commission, I accept, you pay a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (which I will refund if your project isn’t started or completed), we agree on a concept and price, I make your outfit, you pay the balance, I ship to you, you return if you don’t like it for a full refund or you rejoice in the fabulous frippery you’ve just received. That should be pretty clear…this isn’t rocket science – it’s doll clothes. Don’t be fooled, however – I take this very seriously, and I would hope if you ask me for a commission, that you do, too.


PLEASE USE THE CONTACT FORM AT THE BOTTOM TO CONTACT ME – (Couture Commission Spots ARE SOLD OUT – But you can get on the Wait List by using the form at the bottom of the page)

Upon your initial contact, we will discuss what you have in mind and make a determination if I can move forward with your project. At that time, I will initiate a Paypal invoice for your non-refundable deposit to lock your position into the 2015 schedule. This is done on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If 12 other people can sort out their ideas and make the deposit while we’re still discussing, then they will earn those positions. Not trying to be an ass here, but I have to plan out the commissions into a schedule, and my commitment is top priority to me – I can’t wait around while you figure out what you want.

And so…if you want me to do some work for you, here’s your chance. I’m really looking forward to the ideas and creativity we can spin – it’s what makes for the best projects! Let’s have some fun…and make sweet couture love together…


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  1. Congratulations, darling! Enjoy the journey. I am looking forward to each and every photo and detail.

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